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Royal College Wayamba was established with the cooperation of, minister of irrigation Mr Sarath Welagedara and the chief minister of the North western province honorable Gamini Jayawikrama Perera and the director of education North western province Mr K.G Somadasa on 4 of March 1993. Our school is located in the district of Kurunegala in a land area of two acres, two roods and twenty two perches. The first principal was Mr .Manel Wickramasinhge and the initial number of students were one hundred and forty two with eight teachers and two non-academic staff members.

In 1994, first three storied building was established, in 1995, open stage and sport complex was built. In 1990, three storied commerce section was settled. In 1998, grade six classes were established and primary school was converted in to a secondary school as Wayamba Royal College. In 1998, the three storied building with grade ten, eleven classes was established, In the year 2004, Language unit was formed and 30th of June 2004, the school was connected to-Angangala Vidyalaya which was built in 1960.There after the sehool was conducted as two sections; Angangala section was included classes from grade one to four and A/L classes.

During this period of time prefect board, scout association, cricket association, environmental cadets, chess, media unit, photographic society and astrology society were formed. In addition to these facilities volleyball, netball badminton, swimming were started .Many units were able to represent in all island competitions. Inter house sport meet, Art day, Sinhala language day as well as English language day were commenced.

On 23rd of September 2004, Mr.R.M.T.B Eriyawa became the principal Annual prize giving, media day, colures night, commerce day, eastern and western bands were started. Volleyball court and Pragchna pradeepa' movement too was established adding beauty to school surrounding.

On 19th of Nover 2008, Mrs. M.M.K.S Mudunna became the principal. At her time, IT day was held with the support of the staff and the students. Scholarships were offered to the students who got selected to the universities. Classrooms and other facilities were developed. Classes from 1-8 were conducted in Angangala section while 9-13 classes were established on the other side.

In 2008, three students were selected to the faculty of Engineering. Cricket encounter was begun with Sir John College with the purpose of developing good mutual understanding among children. Within this time period school was able to offer scholarships, open Science lab, IT lab and the auditorium. Formation of the eastern band was another remarkable feature. In 2011, three students were selected to faculty of medicine.

On 13th of March 2012 Mr.Athapathu became the principle. Language day was a new approach started by him.

We were able to form a mini-band for the primary section .In 2013 school was able to get essential communication facilities as well as printing equipment. Agri section won the district award adding glory to school. Bronze medal was won for Physics at Olympiad.

On 27th of November 2014 Mrs.Rukunayaka was appointed as the principal. Foundation for the administrative complex was laid in 2016 at her time.

On 18th of January 2017, Mr H.M Aryadasa became the principal. New water filters were fixed and school buildings were colour washed. Water supply was reconstructed. Opening of new home science lab and language unit gave more opportunity for students. Entrance was constructed and electricity was supplied to the ground enhancing basketball and other sport activities. Administrative complex was completed with four sections. Junior play ground was constructed with more facilities.

1-7 grades were under the junior section while the senior section was included 8-13 grades. Currently there are four 1-5 parallel classes. Eight 6-11 parallel classes including two English medium classes from grade 6-11.Currently there are 104 classes, 4179 students and 179 teachers. Primary section conducts little friends, kitty, swimming and gymnastics activities for students.

Now there is a great demand for the school with the popularity but as we have noticed according to the available resources of the school, facilities are available for only four thousand students .So our aim is to provide facilities for five thousand students. We hope to increase the results as well as to give more opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities. We highly appreciate our principal who makes continuous efforts to develop the school while taking hands in hands with all the connected parties.

WRC Past Principles

H.M. ආරියදාස මයා

2017-01-18 - Present

N.D.C.K. රුකුනායක මිය

2014.11.27 – 2017.01.18

A.M.S.K. අතපත්තු මයා

2012.03.13 – 2014.11.27

M.M.K.S. මුදුන්න මිය

2008.11.19 – 2012.03.09

R.B.M.T.B. එරියාව මයා

2004.09.23 – 2008.11.19

මානෙල් වික්‍රමසිංහ මයා

1993.01.01 - 2004.09.23


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